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Book Artist and Bookbinder
Daniel E. Kelm
Daniel E. Kelm enjoys expanding the concept of the book. He is known for his innovative structures as well as his traditional work. In 1983 he opened his studio in Easthampton, MA, U.S.A., called the Wide Awake Garage, where he designs and produces artist’s books, interpretive fine bindings, and book sculptures. He binds limited editions for authors, artists, and publishers, for example, Tauba Auerbach, Russell Maret, Robin Price Publisher, and Granary Books.
Letterpress Printer
Arthur Larson
Horton Tank Graphics was established by Arthur Larson in 1987, primarily to print fine press books for Leonard Baskin’s Gehenna Press. Thirty books were printed for the Press from 1987 to 2005. Art has printed for many prominent artists and publishers over the years. Much of the work has been for small private presses, especially Barry Moser’s Pennyroyal Press and Michael Kuch’s Double Elephant Press. Art has worked with larger publishers such as the Limited Editions Club and 21st Editions, on books for artists and authors such as Octavio Paz and Robert Motherwell, Francesco Clemente and Ezra Pound, and Jamie Baldridge.
Guy Billout
Author, Artist
Mira Bartok
Mira Bartók is an artist, author/illustrator, and public radio commentator whose book, The Memory Palace, is a New York Times bestselling memoir and winner of the 2012 National Book Critics Circle Award for autobiography.
Artist, Illustrator, Author
Barry Moser
Barry Moser has illustrated and/or designed over three hundred books, including the Arion Press Moby-Dick and the University of California Press The Divine Comedy of Dante. Moser’s edition of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, won the National Book Award for design and illustration.
James Steinberg
Stephanie Peterson Jones
Stephanie Peterson Jones loves creating design and pattern for many different applications. Working in both traditional and digital media, often combined, she is known for her bright and cheerful illustrations and surface patterns, intricate ink drawings, floor mandalas, picket fence painted fish and pretty great handwriting. Stephanie has illustrated many children’s books, among them the award winning Peek-a-Moo series, and has licensed her artwork to textile, stationery and gift companies worldwide.
Illustrator and Children’s Book Author
Scott Magoon
Scott Magoon has been writing and illustrating books for young readers since 2007. He designed and art directed books for children since 2003 formerly for Candlewick Press and for Houghton Mifflin. Scott likes to remind myself what it was like to experience books as a child and so he reads to his two young sons and to students during his school visits.
Stephen Petegorsky
Stephen Petegorsky’s creative work includes black and white landscapes, Polaroid emulsions lifted onto panels covered with gold leaf, color images of taxidermed animals, and photographs documenting efforts to assist people with disabilities in developing countries. His specialized commercial work features photography of artworks and legal photography.