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I design and produce trade books (illustrated and unillustrated), museum catalogs, and handmade limited editions. Clients range from major publishing companies to self-publishing individuals. My responsibilities include design, composition, production management, scheduling, researching printers, supervising and training subcontractors. My colleagues include wonderful bookbinders, letterpress printers, illustrators, and editors. Thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, I have been trained in the Typéfi plugin for InDesign, and am able to produce Typéfi templates.
My career began overseas—in South Korea. With friends, I embarked on publishing an English-language magazine about Korean culture called Korea Quarterly. About four years later I returned to the States where I finished my undergraduate degree when I was awarded a year’s credit from the Hartford Art School for professional work as a publisher, writer, designer, and photographer. Since then I have been freelancing. Over the years clients have included Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (College, Young Readers, and General Interest Trade Divisions); Shambhala Publications; Hachette Book Group (Little, Brown and Grand Central); HarperOne Publishers; Harvard University Press; Addison-Wesley/Perseus Books; McGraw-Hill; Charles E. Tuttle; Allyn and Bacon; Heinemann; Heinle & Heinle; Davis Publications; and Smith College Museum of Art. Numerous designs have placed in the New England Book Show. Since 1992, I have also acted as assistant to book artist Daniel E. Kelm, The Wide-Awake Garage. Primary involvement includes design and editorial services, administrative assistance, and web site development For many years I developed the workshop program for Kelm’s Garage Annex School for Book Arts, and acted as administrator. My involvement with the book arts community has expanded my experience of the book, and prompted me to study hand bookbinding. I have also acted as Design Director and Publisher for Small Offerings Press. The Press was begun to publish works that celebrated spirituality and the arts, and was a fundraising effort for the Benedictine Grange in West Redding, CT. Once those fundraising goals were met I went on to publish handmade, limited edition, artist books with Daniel Kelm. The rare book libraries of the following institutions have purchased copies of Small Offerings Press editions: Dartmouth College; Michigan State University; New York Public Library; Purdue University; Rochester Institute of Technology; Smith College, Skidmore College; University of California Santa Barbara; University of Minnesota; University of Utah; University of Vermont; Wellesley College; and West Virginia University.